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d100 OSR Traps: diabolical traps for your fantasy RPG!


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Starjump propogator drones, which attach to cargo frames, giving the entire ship and freight load the capability of faster-than-light travel.

The Stardrifter Tabletop Role-Playing Game

Step into the future, and chart your course across the stars!

Set approximately 500 years from now, Stardrifter lets you roam across the explored galaxy (or farther), following in Ejoq's footsteps, or forging your own path, in a future where anything is possible.

The Stardrifter Tabletop Role-Playing Game

The Stardrifter RPG is an evolving game system, being actively developed in a rolling, iterative model. No need to wait for the next public edition for fixes or game features: Stardrifter has version numbers and regular point releases! It's not software, but it's developed like it. New rules, typo fixes, added content, and even complete reworkings of broken or clunky chapters can happen at a steady, regular pace, with the latest Live version always available for your inspection and gaming enjoyment.

Best of all, you can get involved with the development yourself, with feature requests and bug reports! Did you find a typo? Is a section of text badly formated? Are there rules that simply don't work? Get a Gitlab.com account, submit a bug report or feature request, and we'll take a look. Still in its infancy, the game is already playable and whole lot of fun!

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This is my personal podcast. My Internet handle is Lostnbronx, hence the LnB.

I record while driving around rural Arizona, ruminating, complaining, and wondering about it all. Daily minutiae, shopping, trips to the dump, Stardrifter talk, and much more. The sound quality’s not perfect, and neither am I.

Join me once or twice a week as I tease apart my days and nights, my memories and dreams of tomorrow. They’re not adventures, just a life.

WARNING: NSFW I don’t censor my language on this thing, so be judicious where and how you listen.

Other Stuff

Over the years, I have lent my voice to such audio drama projects as Julie Hoverson's 19 Nocturne Boulevard; the late, lamented This Thing of Ours, and my own Eddie K, among others. For the last couple of seasons, I've played Gage on the superb cyberpunk thriller Edict Zero: FIS.

A daily (M thru F) podcast of all different content, by all different presenters, mostly of a techie bent. Free/Open Source Software, computers, social media, and how-tos; but also episodes on modern life, digital security, cooking, and yes, even audio fiction when I post there. You name it, there's probably been an episode about it. I publish as Lostnbronx over there.

I'm a writer, podcaster, and voice actor. My family and I live in the mountains of Arizona, with two cats and a dog. The days here are sunny (not always), the winters are mild (except when they're not), and the people are friendly (well, some of them).

What the heck...you gotta be somewhere, right?

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If you like Stardrifter, and would like to help me make more, please consider joing my Patreon. I don't offer incentives or rewards (I mean, I'm giving it all away to begin with), but I do generally publish new audio content over there first. Your kindness makes all the difference!


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